Tecnology and facilities

BASM has developed a revolutionary technology to transform CO2 into Natural and innovative Bioactive ingredients creating this way Naturzell family products.

Omega 3 (EPA phospholipid and Glycolipids), Aminoacids, Antioxidants (β-carotene), natural colorants and Sulfated exopolyshacarides are some of the active ingredients of Naturzell portfolio.

To make possible this transformation BASM technology uses marine phytoplankton, the building blocks of life, on an industrial scale using a patented technology that oversees and fully automatizes the production process in controlled atmosphere, maintaining high quality and homogeneuous products throughout the year.


This technology (patented and evaluated in 1.500.000.000 €) was researched, developed, and tested by a group of internationals scientists led by Bernard Stroïazzo-Mougin, a French born Swiss resident with a degree in Thermodynamics & Fluids Mechanics (ITP). Since 2006 over €40M has been invested in the original company in BFS, which belongs to a bigger group BASM (Swiss company) where the patents are stablished.

Unique / Revolutionary Technology

• Revolutionary technology based on photosynthesis (60 times more effective than a forest) providing value to the CO2 and other greenhouse gases, obtaining oxygen as a by-product

• Modular industrial plant design that is easy to scale up

• Flexible production capabilities that are highly adaptable to react to market demand

• Lower land and fresh water foot print. No need for fresh water and arable land (No competition with food industry), being possible to build a plant anywhere in the world

• No Carbon foot print. The process is able to capture and neutralize more CO2 that emits

• A strong multidisciplinary team made up of different scientific and technical disciplines is in place to assure the entire process, including biologists, molecular biologists, physicists, chemical engineers, etc

• Vertical Photo Bio Reactors (PBRs) ensure the optimal use of production volume (high productivity) and maximize solar energy

• Closed system: No contamination, easier to control processes and parameters

• Recycling and recirculation of used water

• Extremely small risk of contamination

• No contamination or mixing of different species

Product diversification and quality control

Revolutionary technology to transform CO2 into natural and innovative bioactive ingredients