27 febrero, 2017


A natural, sustainable and vegetarian alternative source of Omega 3

NaturNutritive is the only one of its kind, being a unique natural and exclusive source of Omega 3 EPA Polar Lipids, thus providing the highest quality and bio-availability for our organism.

It is a natural ingredient from marine phytoplankton that contains all the essential nutrients required for a healthy life.

✓ High content of Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA) of high quality, linked to more readily bioavailable and digestible glycolipids and phospholipids that helps to maintain cardiovascular health.

✓ High protein content, of over 50%, with all the amino acids essential for formation and the repair of tissue from muscles, organs, skin and hair.

✓ Source of vitamins and antioxidants: Vitamin E (Tocopherol), Hydroxytyrosol, etc, acting as antioxidant agents.

✓ Coenzyme Q9 and Q10 (also known as ubiquinone), substances that are vital for the energy production in cells. They are important nutrients to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system and act as powerful antioxidants against free radicals.

✓ Source of pigments with a large content of Chlorophyll-a, one of the most potent purifying agents in nature. It includes a high content of Carotenoids such as Violaxanthin, Lutein and β-Carotene, that are involved in the production of vitamin A and also in antioxidant activity.


Natural 100% marine phytoplankton Nannochloropsis gaditana. Non GMO
Safe 100% safe and natural
Vegans The only natural source and real alternative of Omega 3 for vegan and vegetarian
Bio-availability The Omega 3 contained in the biomass is linked to glycolipids and phospholipids, which are more readily bioavailable and digestible
Health benefits Cardiovascular and antioxidant benefits, because of its content in Omega 3, carotenoids, Hydroxityrosol, Vitamin E, Coenzyme Q9, Q10, etc
Protein source High protein content with high amino acids score. For humans, a correct intake of proteins is essential for carring about the muscle mass, the immune and hormonal system or the neurotransmission system
Without additive Zero additive like fillers, coloring agents or preservatives
Standardized Product Our sophisticated system and process allows us to control all the parameters that intervene in the production guaranteeing that the quality is always within the commercial requirements



For food application our products is supplied as powder format


As food ingredient it can be used for coloring, flavoring, salt replacement or adding EPA to your product

More Information

• Suitable for vegans and vegetarians: Unique vegetarian source of Omega 3

• Cardiovascular protection

• Nutritional supplement: Provides vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other essential elements to protect our health

• Extremely bioavailable: EPA is under the form of phospholipids ensuring a complete absorption

• Antioxidant: Helps protect our cells from damage caused by free radicals

• Detoxifying and purifying: Helps to eliminate toxins from the body

• Immuno-stimulant: antibacterial and antiviral power

• Environmentally friendly. Contributes to CO2 reduction

• The use of photobioreactors provide a lower influence from seasonal conditions than in the open pond technology

• Higher cell densities and therefore better biomass yields per unit of volume compared to open air cultures

• Major control of cultivation conditions avoiding important biochemical changes and lower water evaporation than open ponds technology

• The algae can be cultivated avoiding contamination by other competitors

• No algal toxin, pesticide, herbicide or preservative

• 100% pure and natural. Non-GMO product


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