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12 Febrero, 2017
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NaturNutritive Bioactive

Natural ingredient from marine phytoplankton

NaturNutritive is unique of its kind, being a unique natural and exclusive source of Omega 3 EPA Polar Lipids, providing the highest quality and bio-availability for our organism.

Natural ingredient from marine phytoplankton that contains all the essential nutrients required for a healthy life.

High Content of Omega 3 Fatty Acids (EPA) of a high quality, linked to more readily bioavailable and digestible glycolipids and phospholipids that help to maintain cardiovascular health.

High Protein content, over 50%, with all the amino acids essential for the formation and tissue repair such as muscles, organs, skin and hair.

Source of Vitamins and Antioxidants: Vitamin E (Tocopherol), Hydroxytyrosol, etc, acting as antioxidant agents.

Coenzyme Q9 and Q10 (also known as ubiquinone): are substances that are vital for energy production in cells. They are important nutrients to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system and act as powerful antioxidants against free radicals.

Source of Pigments: With a great Chlorophyll-a content, one of the most potent purifying agents to nature. Including a high content of Carotenoids such as Violaxanthin, Lutein and β-carotene, involved in the production of vitamin A and antioxidant activity.

Antioxidant Helps protect our cells from damage caused by free radicals
Detoxifying and purifying Helps to eliminate toxins from the body
Immuno-stimulant Antibacterial and antiviral power
Eco friendly Contributes to CO2 reduction


For cosmetic application we supply as powder


Applications include facial and body skin care (anti-aging, moisturizing, and regenerating products), shower gels, body lotions, sun screen cream and hair-care products

More Information

“NaturNutritive is the best choice for manufacturers looking for quality and sustainable ingredients “

BASM Blue Technology uses vertical, closed bio-reactors with a specific shape that fully automatizes the production process in an aseptic atmosphere, maintaining high quality and homogeneous products throughout the year. This means a controlled environment for best growing conditions that guarantee good production and quality on a large scale all the time.

The major energy required to grow our algae is naturally available sunlight, supporting algal photosynthetic proliferation. The CO2 capture capacity is enhanced by the microalgae species and the technology uses CO2 from local emitters, thereby mitigating emissions and keeping a very low carbon footprint.

Harvesting of the algae is performed in a low-energy process without the use of toxic chemicals, and the output harvest water is recycled back. Our production process does not generate any harmful waste products, and co-products are used in animal feed and biofuels production for minimum waste.

• 100% marine phytoplankton Nannochloropsis gaditana

• 100% safe and natural (non GMO)

• Zero additives like fillers, coloring agents or preservatives

• Cultivate in closed bio-reactors with a controlled environment for best growing conditions that guarantee good production and quality on a large scale all the time

• No heated or irradiated

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians: Unique vegetarian source or the Omega 3

• Cardiovascular protection

Nutritional supplement: Provides vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other essential elements to protect our health

Extremely bioavailable: EPA is in form the phospholipid which assist with the uptake of Omega 3 ensuring complete absorption


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