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16 Febrero, 2017
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14 Febrero, 2017

NaturCyanin Bioactive

The best choice for manufacturers looking for natural colorants

Natural pigment, C-Phycocyannin (C-PC) based on bright phycobiliprotein extracted from AFA and Spirulina microalgae, to replace current synthetic pigments.

Ideal to be introduced in lipstick, eye shadow or nail polish providing an attractive bright blue color at final product.

Fluorescent effect if it is desired, NaturCyanin presents a highly pink flourescence by excitation with dark light.

Power Blue Different intensity of colors are available: E16, E18 or E25 format provide an attractive bright blue color
High quality High C-phycocyanin content, being its final content dependent of the color value: E16, E18 or E25 (1%, 618nm, 1cm)
Less is more Tasteless and odorless
Water-friendly Highly soluble in water (ideal for cosmetic applications)
Stable Highly Stable (support extreme conditions) in solution, it can reach up to 40° C and it is stable at pH between 4-8
Fluorescence Highly fluorescent by excitation with dark light, ideal for cocktails and refreshments


Available in different formats, based on the requirements of the client.


Can be used as natural colorant, replacing current synthetic pigments and can be introducing in body lotions, sun cream, lipstick and eye shadow or nail polish

The product has a high C-phycocyanin content, being its final content dependent of the color value: E16, E18 or E25 (1%, 618nm, 1cm). For E16, E18 or E25 formats, the concentration of C-Phycocyanin is between the following ranges 22-23%, 25-26% and 35-36% respectively.

The purity of the different phycobiliproteins against other proteins is often evaluated through the following ratios derived from the UV-VIS spectrum of the product:

• Ratio Abs 615/Abs280 (Phycocyanins) > 2.5
• Ratio Abs 650/Abs615 (Allophycocyanins) < 0.6
• Ratio Abs565/Abs615 (Phycoerythrin) < 0.3


• NaturCyanin concentration must be adjusted to desired color intensity in each application. Take into account that small concentrations (less than mg/ml) of C-PC produce intense color and fluorescence.

• Once selected the properly concentration dissolve the product until homogeneity

NaturCyanin can be supplied as powder at E16, E18, or E25 color value (>30% proteins). This format offers the best stability, high quality and flexibility. The product is ready to use with a high rate of solubilizing.

• NaturCyanin should be kept at a cool and light-protected place.

• NaturCyanin is stable for two years under the proper conditions.

• The different matrix for different applications where the natural colorant will be used affects to its stability. Consequently, the stability of the colorant must be established for each case.

• Immunomodulating activity

• Antitumor and anticancer activity


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