24 febrero, 2017
Blue Carotenoil
22 febrero, 2017


The best vegetarian source of β-carotene

NaturCarotenoil is a sunflower oil with 18% of natural β-carotene, and other natural antioxidants such as α-carotene, Lutein and Zeaxanthin.

The carotenoids are isolated from the algae Dunaliella salina by a careful and “dissolvent free” process of extraction of the α/β-carotene from biomass before being dissolved into vegetal oils.

This product presentation offers an amazing and healthy versatility to incorporate β-carotene in any diet (salad, sauces, sau-téed foods, etc). NaturCarotenoil is used in the food industry as a coloring additive, antioxidant and as provitamin A.

NaturCarotenoil in sunflower oil contains not less than 200 mg of natural β-carotene, and contains a mix of trans and cis isomers of β-carotene as found in nature. The equal percentage of each isomer in the product ensures an accurate assimilation of these compounds in the digestive tract. 100% pure and natural.


The product is available from stock in 1, 5 and 10 kg containers. For other formats, please contact us


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NaturCarotenoil in sunflower oil contains not less than 200 mg of natural β-carotene.

• As the main active ingredient, 180 mg of β-carotene are contained in one gram of product.

• Other carotenoids such as α-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin improve the antioxidant spectrum of the product and complete the pool of antioxidants.

Equal concentrations of 9-cis (41%) and all-trans (40%) isomers of β-carotene ensure an optimal assimilation and bioavailability of this molecule in the digestive system.

Carotenoids distribution in NaturCarotenoil

All-trans-lutein 2,3
All-trans-zeaxanthin 4,0
All-trans-β-carotene 49,3
9- or 9′-cis-β-carotene 44,4

NaturCarotenoil is an opaque, deep red suspension of natural carotenoids in medium chain triglyceride oil.

Shelf life is 60 months after date of manufacturing, when the product is stored below 30°C, in dry place in unopened original container.

The pigments dissolved in this product are sensitive to light, heath and oxidation (air). 18 % carotene exceeds the saturation point of vegetal oils, thus this product is an oil suspension and settling of carotene crystals may occur after prolonged storage or in low temperature storage.

Is strongly recommended to warm the container over 20-30°C and mix well the content before sampling or use.

• As provitamin A, which is due to its ability to be converted to vitamin A as and when the body requires

• As an antioxidant, protects against cell and tissue damage by scavenging free radicals

• As hypocholesteremic factor

• As immune-stimulator of the immune system


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