Natural Biomarkers (Phycobiliproteins)

The phycobiliproteins (PBPs) are natural pigments based on proteins used as fluorescent biomarkers for several decades. Conjugated together other molecules (antibodies, streptavidin, etc) PBPs are perfect fluorophores to be used in different methods of molecular biology as:

    - Flow cytometry and cell sorting (FACS)

   - Gel electrophoresis labeling (Western and Southern blots)

    - Immunohistochemistry and Immunodetection (FLISA)

    - Fluorescent and confocal microscopy

    - DNA and RNA microarrays

    - High Throughput Screening

    - Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfers (FRET) assays

    - Homogeneous Time Resolved Fluorescence (HTRF) assay

PBPs presents a wide range of advantages with respect other synthetic fluorophores:

- They have great fluorescent quantum yields between 0.60-0.98

- They are easily conjugable with other biomolecules as antibodies or streptavidin

- The emission wavelength for these molecules are far of green, avoiding interferences with the background noise of the most common fluorescent biomolecules

- PBPs have great Stokes shifts since the absorption spectrum contains a wide number of wavelengths well separate of emission spectrum. This avoid background noise caused by excitation light beam

- In their powder form, these fluorophores can be stored for a long time

Naturzell PBPs are purified by using carefully methods. Therefore, they show a great purity with pigment ratios vs other proteins (Absmax/Abs280nm) above 4.8. Delivery formats (wet or dry) are fully adjustable to satisfy the requirements of customers.


All the Naturzell PBPs can be supplied in the following formats:

• Dissolved in the proper buffer and the concentration desired negotiable format.

• Lyophilized format


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