Our products are based on marine phytoplankton taccording to an innovative and environmentally friendly process. The production of our different product lines is therfore sustainable and also economically profitable.

Naturzell is a dynamic biotech business, belonging to BASM group, who has implemented a revolutionary technology based on photosynthesis (60 times more effective than a forest) providing value to the CO2 and other greenhouse gases.


Cover of various sectors

Its origin come to satisfying the market needs of various sectors including nutrition, cosmetics, aquaculture and medical.

Premium bioactive

Our focus is the production of pure premium bioactives to deliver safe, high-quality and vegetarian sustainable products providing at the same time a differentiated service which promotes natural and healthy products.


It has been estimated that there may be up to a million different species of marine phytoplankton. Currently more than 300,000 species are known and less than 100,00 have been scientifically described. From those only a few thousands are available in strain banks. And from them, only 20 have been tested in our facilities, having a portfolio of 7 different products. The business potentiality is really amazing. If we add this to the fact that our technology is the only one able to grow any kind of strain because of the control of the variables, this provides a competitive advantage with regards to competitors.

B2B & B2C

Naturzell is the result of 10 year expertise with the building blocks of life, the origin of the life. Commercial production for B2B (Business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer).