Advanced bioproducts from the sea

Marine phytoplankton are the building blocks of life and the most important source of natural bioactives on the planet

Unique products for amazing applications

Marine Phytoplankton contains the most efficient bioactives that enhance health with significant amounts of Omega 3, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, etc, all of them key for our organisms. They are natural and with higher bioavailability than other sources. The best vegetarian source of all nutrients required for a healthy life.Read more
NaturZell offers a very broad portfolio of high-quality and well balanced products, making it an ideal source of nutrients for animal including Pets. Moreover, we bring other specialty ingredients for Aquaculture Hatcheries. Read more
Revolutionary and innovative natural bioactives produced by marine phytoplankton, offer the newest and safest innovation in beauty and personal care. Top anti-aging skincare ingredient for firming, improving elasticity, and prevent telltale signs of aging. Read more
The phycobiliproteins (PBPs) are natural pigments based on proteins used as fluorescent biomarkers for several decades. Conjugated together other molecules (antibodies, streptavidin, etc) PBPs are perfect fluorophores to be used in different methods of molecular biology. Read more

The origin is in the ocean

NaturZell family products are derived from marine phytoplankton according to an innovative, environmentally friendly and sustainable process that is also committed to the economic viability.

It has been estimated that there may be up to a million different species of marine phytoplankton. Currently more than 300,000 species are known and less than 100,00 have been scientifically described. From those only a few thousands are available in different banks of strains. Within this immensity of opportunities no more than 20 different strains have been tested in our plants so far having however a portfolio of 17 different products. If we join this fact to the fact that our technology is the only one able to grow any kind of strain because of its sophisticated and automatized process (controlling this way all the variables to provide the ideal conditions for each strain that are going to provide different products) we have a competitive advantage respect the competitors, providing an amazing business opportunity. Currently our R&D department is working on innovative new products that will be launched in short time.